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In order to support the home-school connection, I will be posting our current learning targets and success criteria for math, writing, and reading (see tabs above). This information will be helpful in understanding and supporting the learning that is taking place at school at any given time. The students will be familiar with the learning targets and criteria as they are frequently referred to in class. It is our hope that the students will be able to use the criteria to become active participants in their learning. 


Learning Target:

I am learning to read, write, represent, and order numbers up to 50 and count orally to 100.

Success Criteria:
I can:

  • count to 100
  • count to 100 by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • count backwards from 20 by 1s
  • count backwards from 20 by 2s and 5s using a numberline or hundreds chart
  • make quantities up to 50 using objects
  • represent numbers using numerals, words, and pictures
  • read and write number words to ten
  • estimate the number of objects in a set and check by counting forwards


Reading/ Oral



Learning Target:

I am learning to retell a familiar story that I read or I have read to me.

Success Criteria:
I can:

  • use the 5 finger rule to retell a story orally (somebody, wanted, because, but, so)
  • use time-order words such as first, then, next, and finally when retelling a story
  • give a topic statement and several supporting details from a non-fiction book
  • talk about the problem and how the problem was solved





Learning Target:
 I can perform a tableau
Success Criteria:
 I use appropriate facial expressions
 My face and body are frozen for at least 5 seconds
 I can use high, medium and low levels
 I can make a connection to a story or idea



Learning Target:

I am learning to write using writing rules.

Success Criteria:

I can:

  • use proper letter case
  • use spaces between my words
  • use punctuation at the end of my sentences
  • use the word wall to help me spell words I don't know


I am learning to write a recount of a memory.

Success Criteria:
I can:
  • include when, what, where, who, and why
  • include some personal feelings
  • organize my writing so that it sounds like talking and makes sense
  • re-read my writing and fix it up if necessary


Learning Target:
I am learning about materials, objects, and structures.

Success Criteria:
I can:

  • tell what a material, object, and structure is
  • identify the materials that an object is made of
  • list different kinds of fasteners and describe what they are used for
  • investigate the characteristics of different objects and structures
  • talk about the purpose of the characteristics of an object (sandpaper is rough to help take the edges off of wood)
  • talk about the properties of different materials
  • use science vocabulary such as experiment, explore, purpose, rigid, flexible, solid and smooth
  • identify objects, materials, and structures found in nature and those made by humans
  • identify the sources in nature of some common materials that are used in making structures
  • identify objects in the environment that are made for similar purposes, what they are made of and why, and what happens to them when they are no longer being used (i.e. different kinds of shoes)
  •  identify the kinds of waste produced in the classroom
  • plan and carry out a classroom course of action for minimizing waste and tell why it is important


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